5 Days No Code App Building Course

Have you ever wanted to build an App or wanted to launch your App business idea?
But don't like coding or don't know how to code?
We have just the solution for you.
Join our Nocode App building course to learn to build App for yourself in just 3 hours, without any code

Starting 1st Nov,2020

5 Days No Code App Building Course

What you will learn?

Who says you need to be a coder to build Apps?
No matter what your background is,our course is curated to let anyone build Apps in 3 hours without any code.
Learn monetizable no-code skills and save time and money unlike traditional developments.
Distributed over five days, the course will teach you to make a deployable App yourself, all without a single line of CODE.
Watch the videos whenever you want in your comfort zone

What will be the Course Structure be?

The course will be broken into 5 modules, one module for each day as follows-

Module 1- How to structure your data?
It's simple excel
We start with the basics and understand how to structure your data.

Module 2- Let's create magic with Navigations
This is where the App starts looking like an App. The most important aspect in terms of functionality and relations.

Module 3-Here comes the core. Accounting and Budgets
We cover different column types and set up accounting and budgets using various logic.

Module 4- Creation of Reports and Integrations.
Using the data in the App, we create a mini dashboard. We also integrate the App with Zapier to send email notifications on various actions.

Module 5- Now comes the most exciting part, User Experience.
Let's set up the App for users using visibility features and various mini features.

Who is this Course for?

Still not sure if this Course is really for you?
Sharing the background profile of just few of the many people who built Apps for themselves via this course. From school students to professionals on the field for more than 10 years.
That's the beauty of Nocode, Isn't it?

But why should you trust us?
Hear it from our fellow Community members and Proud No-coders now!!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

We hope we tried to answer most of your questions. Still if any of your questions are left unanswered, we hope you find the answer herein.

What is No-Code?
No -Code tools are software development platforms that allow even non-technical people to build and deploy their own applications, without needing to write a single line of code.

Why shouldn’t I just learn how to code?
It is great if you want to learn how to code. However No-Code offers a range of benefits like speed to market, significantly lowers time and cost commitments and hey, its a lot easier than coding.

How will the course structure be??
The course will be divided into 5 modules amounting to a total of 3 hrs of teaching, which will be taught over the span of 5 days.

How will the course structure be?
The course will be divided into 5 modules amounting to a total of 3 hrs of teaching, which will be taught over the span of 5 days.There will be one Mega Live session with the instructor for all doubts solving and answering your questions

Will this be live or pre-recorded?
Its a mix of both.
Everyday(all 5Days), before 11am you will be getting the Session pre-recorded Videos.
With daily assignment and tasks to be completed for a day.
We will also be having live sessions for doubt solving, sharing hacks and showcasing best performers throught the course period.

What are the timings?
Everyday you will get the recorded videos before 11am and you can watch anytime you want throughout the day.

Would there be any certificate on completion?
Yes! You will receive a certificate on completion. But more importantly, you will walk away with a wonderful skill which not all certificates offer. You know what we mean! 😉

Can I download the videos?
No you can only watch them online. Say NO to Piracy! 🛑

Why should Coders have all the fun?

No-Code is the future.
We are so excited to be a small part of your No-Code journey and to see you build your App on Nocode.

Go ahead and Sign up on the NoScript App to get just a little taste of the future!!
See you in the Course.